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We have our own in-house workshop


we  provide complete support for all purchases and installations
The Service Department is an integral part of Fairbank Harding Ltd. Not only does it ensure that all our hire stock is fully serviced and maintained but it also provides a complete support system for all your purchases and installations.

We always recommend that audio systems are serviced once every 12 months - this helps to act as a preventative measure reducing many of the common faults our engineers come across.

Regular services are also a good opportunity to alter any configuration problems that you may have come across during the first year of operation.

Booked-In Repairs

If the unit is small or portable and you are able to bring it to our premises then we can book it straight into our in-house workshop.

Service Calls

For larger units or complete systems our engineers will visit your premises. Where possible the unit will be repaired on site. However, should that not be possible we shall return it to our premises where the repair will be carried out.

Contact us today to book your onsite maintenance check or service call.



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