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The Disability Discrimination Act

The aim of the Disability Discrimination Act (1995) is to stop the discrimination of disabled people - this includes the hearing impaired. The Act was strengthened in 2004 as the Disability Rights Commission's (DRC) new code of practice came into effect.

Under the act, any service provider must now ensure that either a magnetic induction loop or infrared system is installed where it is impossible or unreasonably difficult for a hearing impaired person to access that service.

Some examples of service providers covered under the Act are:

  • Telecommunications and broadcasting organisations
  • Public utility companies, such as gas, electricity and water suppliers
  • Leisure centres, football stadia, national parks and health clubs
  • Bus and railway stations, airports and travel agents
  • Shops, hairdressers, post offices, banks and building societies
  • Hotels, restaurants, cinemas, theatres and pubs
  • Hospitals, waiting rooms, clinics
  • Solicitors' offices, courts, churches and mosques

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