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Infra-Red Systems

Infrared Assistive Listening systems use Infrared light to carry sound to a receiver worn by a listener.

A complete system comprises of one or more infrared radiators, a pre-amplifier or Mixer unit, and a Microphone or other audio input source.

The sound, say the voice of someone talking into a microphone, is fed into the pre-amplifier or mixer. Here it is processed and passed to the radiator where it is transmitted as invisible infrared light.

The radiators cast the infrared light rather like floodlights. Therefore, the number of radiators required will depend on the size of the venue.

People who want to use the system then borrow receivers from your organisation and can hear the audio anywhere that is covered by the infrared light. It is always advisable that they stay pointed towards the radiator as some walls and surfaces actually absorb the light.

The most widely used infrared receiver is actually worn without a hearing aid. These devices are referred to as 'Stethosets'. However, you will have to make sure that the ear tips are cleaned or replaced after each use. There is a different type of receiver that works with the hearing aid. We would always suggest that both types are kept in stock to give users the option. It is also important that that the batteries inside the receivers are kept fully charged and ready for use.

One of the largest benefits to using an infrared system is that the light is not radiated outside the room where the radiator is installed. This makes them an ideal choice for meeting rooms and conference centres as several systems can be used in rooms next to each other without any interference from a neighbouring system - a frequent problem with a traditional magnetic induction loop.



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