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Fairbank Harding are Induction Loop specialists

Induction Loop Systems

we supply portable and fully installed induction loops
From October 2004, all service providers are now required to ensure facilities are available for the hearing impared under the Disability Discrimination Act.

Fairbank Harding have over 30 years of experience in installing induction loops and infra red systems to a variety of clients including places of worship, government offices, health centres and leisure facilities.

We have an extensive range of portable equipment for sale and hire which requires no installation.

Similarly we are experienced in installing Induction Loop Systems in venues as large as lecture theatres, public halls and auditoriums.



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Despite changes to the DDA that came into force over 18 months ago many service providers are still without basic induction loop facilities.

Fairbank Harding SigNET PDA PL1/K1 Portable Induction Loop system for just £125.00+ VAT

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